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Apartment Complex Retirement Community

Over several years, we have been designing an apartment complex to be an affordable retirement community.

Our society is getting older and that is forcing us to find housing solutions for the elderly. Places where they can find community and maintain their dignity, privacy, and independence.

We advised our clients to come together as a cooperative and decided to call the group Vitápolis. We are building an apartment complex with 35 units and  750m2 of common area. On the ground floor, there will be living rooms, a gym, a bar, restaurants, and more. On the roof there will be several urban gardens and a swimming pool.

Our purpose is to create apartments with soul, homes that will care for the people who are going to live in them. The lighting, the materials, and even the colors have all been chosen to create a relaxing, warm, and peaceful atmosphere.

The apartment has a continuous window all the way around the building, which allows the residents to enjoy views of the city.

This apartment complex will be integrated into the heart of the city, and it blurs the lines between the domestic and the urban, the public and the private.

Romero Vallejo is the project manager, in charge of designing the architecture, the interior, and the construction of the apartment complex.

The apartment complex is currently under construction.

Vitápolis building in Toledo. Spain. Architecture project by Romero Vallejo.

Vitápolis building in Toledo. Spain. Architecture project by Romero Vallejo.


Plaza Padre Juan de Mariana 3, 1. Toledo. Spain
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